Stress A Psychological And Neurobiological Approach
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When attempting to combat stress in the workplace, many businesses start to tackle this problem through organisational health and wellbeing channels which help them identify and 'treat' the symptoms. These methods of managing stress have limited value because they don't go to the root of the problem: recognising the causes. Without understanding the individual stress-triggers it is extremely difficult - if not impossible - for stress management that deals with what was causal in the first place. What if your organisational culture, management styles, recruitment processes and people are in fact 'stress-inducing'? You might be treating the stress symptoms successfully, but if the stress is induced by an organisational trigger, the problem will be cyclic and endemic. We provide both psychological and neurobiological insights into the causes and common triggers of stress - and with this new perspective will help to 'stress-proof' your organisation. This course will help you identify whether: - your line managers behaviour styles might be stress-inducing - whether you are recruiting individuals susceptible to stress - you are rewarding, or encouraging, stress-inducing behaviours - there is a counter-cultural mismatch between stress drivers and organisational culture. 
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