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Manage Stress

Face-to-face Instructor Led Courses, Human Resources

Training Courses

Manage Stress Training is brought to you by XYZ Training Group, one of the country's largest provider of Human Resources related training courses.

UK Wide Delivery

We have 11 different Manage Stress course types to choose from, the majority of which are available as open courses (public training events). All courses are available on-site, at client premises at any location UK wide.

Why Manage Stress training is important

There are effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress. Stress Management courses aim to examine the causes of stress, level of stress and its impact on productivity, and then offer a range of techniques for helping to manage stress positively by learning relaxation techniques and adopting a positive mental attitude. Training courses cover topics such as: * Identifying and handling Stress * Management of stress * Techniques and tactics for controlling stress * Lifestyle management * Stress risk assessments * Improving team performance by managing stress

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure in delivering training to more than 1100 delegates across a wide range of Manage Stress related subjects. Please choose from one of the courses below or contact us here to find out how we can help you with your next Manage Stress training requirement.

Manage Stress
Part of our Human Resources range of training courses
Our Manage Stress Training Courses

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Manage Stress
Delivering Manage Stress training across the UK and across Europe