Anger Management Courses
Who Should Attend?

Those who have difficulty controlling their anger or find it hard to express their emotions effectively


1 Day


This course is deigned to provide delegates with an understanding of anger and conflict, and how to deal with anger in yourself and others. Delegates will learn techniques for dealing with anger in the workplace and how to put in place appropriate strategies to manage anger before it spirals out of control.


* Understanding and recognizing anger
* Recognizing the different ways that anger manifests itself
* Appreciating how you yourself react to anger
* Understanding the different expressions of anger
* Understanding what triggers anger
* Identifying and changing thoughts that cause anger to arise
* Recognizing the early signs of anger and "nipping it in the bud"
* Looking at different ways of solving the problem
* Using NLP to change your anger thought patterns
* Keeping cool in difficult situations
* How to be constructive in situations of conflict, not destructive
* Techniques for sustaining new behaviour patterns
* What to do when anger is directed at you
* Self assessment on the "anger chart"
* Overcoming setbacks in establishing new anger controls and habits
* Your personal action plan
* Practical exercises that work!


By the end of the course delegates will be able to

* Develop an awareness of anger in yourself and others
* Consider different ways or recognising and dealing with different effects of anger
* Understand how we put pressure on others and ourselves
* Put into practise techniques to overcome anger
* Learn the techniques to overcome anger and to deal with conflict

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